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The Joffe Law Firm represents Wellness Centers (Dispensaries); Patients; and Growers.

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Ms. Joffe has been staying on top of the laws intended to regulate the medical marijuana profession. 

Ms. Joffe has represented dozens of MMC’s, infused product manufacturers and growers.  She had spoken to and educated hundreds of people in the industry about Colorado medical marijuana law. 

She has stayed involved with the legislation moving through the legislature, having recently testified on the proposed bill to ban edibles.

The Joffe Law Firm is proud to sponsor the Medical Marijuana Action Alert email which goes out to over a Thousand Wellness Centers, Infused Product Manufactures, Growers and Patients weekly.  The Medical Marijuana Action Alerts keep those involved with medical marijuana aware and up to date on the legal side of medical marijuana. 

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The Joffe Law Firm advises and guides Growers, Wellness Centers and Infused Product Manufactures on how to function in compliance with the law and advocates for those involved with Medical marijuana who are having their legal problems.

The Joffe Law Firm advocates for Patients who have been charged with criminal possession of marijuana and for Patients who have been denied a medical marijuana card. 




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